When buying services, we all seek value for money. However, small business owners also need to know right at the outset the exact cost of outsourcing their bookkeeping function to a third party.  As small business owners ourselves we too dislike surprises. As such, time billing does not generally suite the small business community.   The ideal arrangement for this class of clients is no-surprise, fixed monthly charge.  To accommodate a variety of business sizes and needs, we offer a range of plans with a fixed monthly charge as follows:

Running (DIY)

$100 / month

You are a service provider who works on his/her own for one to three clients at any time during the year. Your situation is unique, and so is your paperwork. You have one bank account and only use one credit card for your business. You carry on business as a sole-proprietor or and as a corporation.

Lift Off

$180 / month

You’re just getting started, or you’ve chosen to keep things small.  You work on your own, with one bank account and one credit card.  You don’t yet have any employees and you have fewer than 40 invoices or sales transactions per month


$350 / month

Your business has gained traction, and you have a solid customer base. You have a couple of people on the payroll, and your transaction volume is solid. You are managing with two bank accounts and one credit card.


$500 / month

You have a number of people on staff, many customers and suppliers, lots of transactions, and even some fairly complex ones. You are banking with two banks, one loan account while utilizing two credit cards.


$900+ / month

Your business is well established and is growing fast. You have acquired more employees to handle the increasing volume of work. You are venturing into making online sales and working with few banks. You have financed the growth of your business through bank loans. Taxation is now a big issue at a personal as well as corporate level. You need management report and professional advice on regular basis to help you manage your growing business.

Our flat monthly charge covers the following services:

  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Payroll administration and support
  • Governments’ compliance administration
  • Annual financial statements
  • CRA correspondence/audit support
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Access to advice from a Chartered Accountant when you need it

There are no administration fees, or hidden additional cost. There are no fixed contract terms. There are no separate fees for corporate tax guidance.

Behind on your paperwork and taxes?

Don’t worry. few of our clients first come to us with at least a few months, and sometimes several years, of “catch-up” work to do. We know how stressful it can be. You don’t even know where to start. But we do, so don’t put it off. Just take everything you have, put it in a box, and bring it in. We’ll sort things out and communicate with the CRA on your behalf. We also offer discounts on our regular rate for each month of catch-up work to be done, and we’ll prorate the fees to make things more manageable for you. You’ll be up to date in no time.