Business Start Ups

The path to entrepreneurship has its challenges. Starting a new business requires adequate research and planning. The process of running a business involves many activities that you have to do on your own. You’ll spend lots of time deciding the best ways to run the business. You find out that you need to focus on client acquisition, customer support and delivery as well as procurement activities, recruitment and training of staff in priority to anything administrative.  As you try to handle administrative tasks, you’ll find out that you don’t have the time, the energy or sometimes the enthusiasm to handle paperwork including bookkeeping. As such, before things pile up and it becomes too much to handle, you must seek the help of a professional organization to ensure your small business keeps running efficiently.

At, our function is to take bookkeeping work off the table, allowing you more time to focus on building your business; our comprehensive service for start-ups includes bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements and tax filings.  The cost of our services for a start-up business is affordable and is a fixed monthly charge.

We also know that most startups struggle to raise enough funds to start and or keep the business going. That’s why at we provide assistance in raising funds through federal government Small Business Loan program administered in collaboration with financial institutions. In this regard, we prepare your business plan, complete and present necessary application forms to lenders and follow up the process until your business loan is secured. We also know how important it is to start-ups to keep more of the fruits of their labour by reducing as much taxes as it is legally possible.  With that in mind, we have just the right tax experts with experience in maximizing tax savings for start-ups.